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Siberian Husky Club of NSW

Husky Rescue is a group of member volunteers operating in N.S.W. Australia under the banner of The Siberian Husky Club of NSW Inc. who try to find good homes for Siberian huskies in need regardless of whether they are facing euthanasia at the pound, were surrendered by their owners or are simply in search of new owners because their current ones can no longer keep them.  Husky Rescue has a no-kill policy in all of its foster homes, and unless compassionate or medical reasons prevent it, every dog is matched with a loving new family.

We have been re-homing huskies for many years and we do whatever is necessary and what we know works to help each dog as best we can.  A rescue dog’s pound fees, vet fees, desexing costs and other care costs are initially paid for by our volunteer foster carers and offset by the donation amount or adoption fee listed in the dog’s rescue bio.  This donation amount does not cover food, board or general care for each dog, and sometimes the donation falls short of even direct rescue costs.  Husky Rescue helps some fifty to seventy five huskies a year and there are currently only a handful of Siberian husky-specific foster homes in New South Wales with space for only around five dogs each.

Please consider adopting a Siberian husky directly from your local council pound

Many of these dogs face euthanasia, and each of them is hoping that you, their potential adopter, will take the time to browse through the various listing pages below as well as on the wider internet.  They are easily the equal of any of the dogs in Husky Rescue, but may just be the unlucky ones we unfortunately cannot reach in time.

For more information about how to rescue a Siberian Husky email Mara by clicking here…

Also check in your  local pound if not listed below, there may be a Sib there now!

Information You Need To Know

As dog owners, rescuers and club members we have one thing in common with you: a love of the Siberian husky breed.  We love their challenging temperament, we love their spirit, we love their antics, we love their affectionate yet independent natures – and we love their beauty in all its amazing variety.  We also love sharing these things with other people but want every adopter to know that owning a Siberian husky is more like having a child in the family than a dog.

To make sure you are ready to invite a husky into your home you will need:
  • Six foot fences around your entire yard with proper latching gates.  Huskies can dig, chew, squeeze and climb their way out of even apparently secure yards, and have been known to learn to operate simple gate locks.
  • Time during the day and especially the morning and evening to walk, play with and be a close companion to you husky.  They are not a set-and-forget breed and need to be included in all the variety of your family’s daily life, every single day.  A family’s lack of time is the number one reason most huskies end up in rescue.
  • A commitment to training to bring out the best in your husky, and manage their intelligence, exuberance, assertiveness and even affection using motivational training techniques. Lack of basic discipline is the number two reason most huskies end up in rescue.
  • A lifetime commitment to your new dog.  Any husky can be a challenge to own but all of them give back the time and commitment you show them ten-fold in love, spirit and beauty.  Remember your new dog is for life not just for Christmas.
Before You Adopt

This page is devoted to the things you need to consider before you adopt or buy a Siberian husky.  Most huskies end up in rescue or euthanised in pounds and shelters because their owners did not research the breed characteristics and so were unprepared for the changes their husky would bring to their lives.

Bringing a new dog or puppy home to your family can be a wonderful and exciting thing.  Many people love huskies for their stunning looks, but a husky is more than showpiece, they are a working dog bred specifically to have energy, endurance, intelligence, spirit and cunning, and so need training, discipline and loads of mental and physical stimulation every day.  Without this they can become unruly, destructive and even antisocial, and this is when their owners find they need to give them up.

Any experienced pound or rescue volunteer will tell you a husky needs an owner dedicated to socialising, training and exercising their dog, someone who is aware of and is willing to work with the common husky traits of running, jumping, digging and even disobedience – due to their intelligence and strong will, and is also aware of the need for sturdy six foot fences and understands their dog will shed mountains of fur twice a year, has boundless energy and needs companionship and constant stimulation to stave off boredom that can otherwise lead to destruction, howling and chronic escaping.

Please research the characteristics of the Siberian husky breed before you decide that a husky is right for you
  • Huskies are beautiful and loving by nature although sometimes somewhat aloof, and have an enthusiasm for life that is extraordinary and to be admired.  They bring a new dimension to life and will be a happy, loving and – with the right training – obedient family member for fourteen years to those owners who are prepared for their nature.  For those who are unprepared however, they can become a burden, and even a nightmare.
  • Please read about the facts, the cautions and the experiences of others, and also take the time to talk to husky owners and actually meet as many huskies as you can in person before you decide to adopt or buy one of your own.

Please note the following groups are not associated with or affiliated with the Siberian Husky Club of NSW or with the volunteers of Husky Rescue.

If you would like general advice on adopting a Siberian Husky or have questions about the Siberian husky breed characteristics please email mikulovau@gmail.com

Name Website Phone Email
Winterpaws Rescue www.winterpaws.com.au
Mikulov Rescue http://mikulov.org 0488099509 mikulovau@gmail.com
Renbury Farm Animal Shelter www.renbury.com.au
Hunter Animal Rescue www.hunteranimalrescue.com.au secretary@hunteranimalrescue.com.au
Monika’s Rescues www.doggierescue.com 02 9486 3133 admin@doggierescue.com
Petrescue www.petrescue.com.au
RSPCA www.rspca.org.au
Albury Wodonga Animal Care Centre https://www.alburycity.nsw.gov.au/services/pets-and-animals/aacc
AWAR http://awar.org.au/ 0432 397 784 lorraine@awar.org.au