Mrs Gael Morison (South Africa)

Gael Morison was exposed to all aspects of dogs, and especially Afghan Hounds, from an early age.  She was fascinated (and still is) by exotic Hounds and purchased her first Afghan in 1973.  The ATLANTIS prefix was registered with the Kennel Union of Southern Africa in 1976.  Shetland Sheepdogs joined the kennel in 1994.  She and her husband have enjoyed continuing success over the years with breeding and exhibiting.  She was Master of Ceremonies and on the Debate Panel speaking on ” Correct Pelvic Assembly – Aesthetic or Essential?”  at the 2005 Afghan Hound World Congress in South Africa.

She has served as President of the Afghan Hound Association of South Africa.  She served as Chairman of the Natal Sporting Hound Association and Chairman of the Kwa Zulu Natal Judges Sub Committee.

In her own words  “Exhibiting our Afghans and Shelties, stewarding and judging  make a demanding but rewarding hobby and way of life”!

Since the early 1980s she has judged regularly throughout South Africa, qualifying in the other groups and finally achieving All Breeds status in 1994.  She has also judged extensively in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Finland, Norway, United Kingdom, Philippines, Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia and Chile.  Gael judged at the 2006 FCI World Show in Poznan, Poland in November 2006.