Contact The Siberian Husky Club of NSW

If you would like to find out more about the Club or would like to get involved, please come along and join us at the next meeting, or contact one of our Committee Members who will be happy to help answer your questions.

To bring any formal matter to the attention of the Club, we ask kindly that it be submitted in writing to the Secretary, to ensure that we can attend to it properly.


The Secretary
Mara Herba
PO Box 2
Upper Landsdowne
NSW 2430

Email for Secretary and general enquiries:

Our Committee

The committee of SHCNSW is elected by members in September each year, and serves a one year term from September through to August. The committee members are responsible for the running of the club.

Any club member can also self-nominate for one or more sub-committee positions each year, and serves on sub-committee for a one year term from October through to September. Sub-committees help to share and carry out the workload of each of the club’s main activities, so member support is vital.
We welcome questions, comments and new ideas, so please don’t hesitate to contact one of the members listed below.

Siberian Husky Club of NSW - Dogs NSW
Club committee
PresidentMs Sophia Dalidakisrahzasibes@gmail.com0408 861 569
Vice presidentMs Jessica Birdjessicalee_bird@hotmail.com0448 935 941
SecretaryMrs Mara Herbamikulovau@gmail.com0488 099 509
TreasurerMrs Sammy Hartwignevicatasiberians@gmail.com0497 855 088
CommitteeMs Fiona Knightnightviznsiberianhuskies@gmail.com0434 429 616
CommitteeMrs Heather Kiteh_claxton@hotmail.com0488 407 445
CommitteeMs Nath Churchangel28200@hotmail.com0426  170  267
CommitteeMrs Melissa 490 213