Championship Show Past Winners

Delve into our Siberian Husky Club’s rich legacy. Explore past championship shows and their catalogues. From historic triumphs to memorable moments, uncover the essence of our beloved breed’s journey. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Siberian Huskies through the years.

DateShowJudgeBest in ShowRunner Up Best In ShowChallenge DogReserve Challenge DogChallenge BitchReserve Challenge Bitch
9th October 19942nd Championship ShowMr Bill Stevenson (NSW)Snowolf Black Ice Croft & ShipleyCh Wolfworx Mytee Magic D & L OlsenSnowolf Black Ice Croft & ShipleykCh Gagarin Silver Shadow D SparkiCh Wolfworx Mytee Magic D & L OlsenCh Nordvik New York Jubilee S Lamkin
3rd April 1994Inaugural Championship ShowMr John Rowles (NSW)Ch Illahee Belle StarrCh Kolyma Vital SpiritCh Cheenah Midnite KodiakCh Kolyma Beau MaverickCh Illahee Belle StarrCh Kolyma Vital Spirit