Championship Show Catalogue Archives

Delve into our Siberian Husky Club’s rich legacy. Explore past championship shows and their catalogues. From historic triumphs to memorable moments, uncover the essence of our beloved breed’s journey. Join us in celebrating the spirit of Siberian Huskies through the years.

31st March 202472nd Championship ShowMrs Sioux Forsyth-Green (USA)View Here
31st August 202371st Championship ShowMrs Michelle Scott (Canada)View Here
8th April 202370th Championship ShowMr Roger Gifford (USA)View Here
25th August 202269th Championship ShowMrs Llvija Zizveske (Lithuania)View Here
15th April 202267th Championship Show (PM)Mrs Joanne Heard (SA)View Here
15th April 202167th Championship Show (AM)Mr Ian Luke (VIC)View Here
3rd April 202166th Championship ShowMrs Shelley Turner (VIC)View Here
2nd April 202166th Championship ShowMrs Libby Martin (SA)View Here
29th August 201964th Championship ShowMr J A Grillo Londino (Columbia)View Here
20th April 201963rd Championship ShowMr Darren Walker (Ireland)View Here
30th August 201862nd Championship ShowMrs Kim Ramey-LeBlanc (Canada)View Here
31st March 201861st Championship ShowMr Karsten Gronas (Norway)View Here
14th October 201760th Championship Show Mrs Melissa Starkey (QLD)View Here
5th August 201659th Championship ShowMrs G Morison (SAF)View Here
8th October 201658th Championship ShowMrs Anita Duggan (Ireland)View Here
10th October 201557th Championship ShowMr Ian Rasmussen (QLD)View Here
27th August 201554th Championship ShowMrs Ainslie Mills (Canada)View Here
30th May 201553rd Championship Show Mrs Mickey Polimeni (USA)View Here
11th October 201452nd Championship ShowMrs Sheri Wright (USA)View Here
28th August 201451st Championship ShowDr Nicola Imbimbo (Italy)View Here
31st May 201450th Championship ShowMrs S Luxmoore (UK)View Here
29th August 201348th Championship ShowMrs Patricia Taylor (Canada)View Here
1st June 201347th Championship ShowMrs Kim LeBlanc (Canada)View Here
18th November 201042nd Championship ShowMrs Marie Petersen (Denmark)View Here
19th November 200939th Championship ShowMr G Christensen (Denmark)View Here
10th October 200938th Championship ShowMs Tracy Mol (WA)View Here