Sledding races

SHCNSW hosts a variety of dog sledding events between May and September each year, at locations such as Belanglo State Forest, Wingello State Forest. The premier event is The Sled Dog Shield held in June this year, and point score competition events are held throughout the season.

We start the season with “Mush Up”, and conclude it with “Mush Down” and at all events, one and two dog classes pull two-wheeled scooters, while three or more dogs pull various types of three and four wheeled rigs.

SHCNSW Events calendar

Please click here for a complete list of 2019 events including dates and venues.

ASSA Nationals information

The Sledding Committee of the SHCNSW are excited to announce we will be hosting the ASSA Nationals in June 2019. Our Club is extremely proud to have been chosen to host this prestigious event.

Please click here to download full information.

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Sledding photos from winter 2018